Whether you are a physically active person or not, all of us at one time or another can experience pain and discomfort in our muscles and joints. Many everyday activities such as housework, lifting and carrying children, carrying heavy shopping, general stress and tension can cause various aches and pains that can be greatly improved by Osteopathy. Treatment is aimed towards maintaining the body in good working order to prevent injuries occurring in the first place and promotes health and wellbeing.

Back and shoulder pain is also very common among people who are required to sit or stand for long periods of time in their work. Working within the corporate environment, I not only provide treatment for this, but can also advise on good posture and workstation set-up to help prevent these problems arising.


If you are a professional sports person, a member of an amateur club or just generally active, Osteopathy and sports massage are excellent for injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment helps to maintain and improve good muscle and joint flexibility and can help avoid overuse injuries and traumas.

I provide a full consultation prior to treatment to assess the cause of any problems. I also give advice on the use of correct technique and how to prepare the body for exercise in order to minimise injury and maximise prevention.


As a performing artist myself, the treatment of performance-related issues is an area of speciality for me. My work at The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) ensures that all performing artists receive specialist care in an understanding environment. Membership of BAPAM is free to professional and student performers and entitles you to discounted treatment both at the BAPAM clinic in London as well as my other clinics.


Working in dance can create stresses on the body caused not only by the movement itself, but also by environmental problems such as wearing inappropriate shoes, slippery or "sticky" surfaces and uneven or raked stages. As an ex-professional dancer and qualified dance teacher I understand these problems. As well as treatment, I also provide advice on the use of correct technique and appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises to help reduce the risk of recurrent injuries.


Playing a musical instrument places many stresses upon the body framework and combined with long working hours this makes pain a fairly common experience amongst musicians. I encourage (where possible) musicians to bring their instrument along to the clinic in order to find optimum playing positions to reduce the risk of injury. Advice on technique, appropriate stretching, warm-up and cool-down routines combined with treatment aim to ensure the best possible outcomes for playing-related pain. As a professional singer, I also specialise in treatment of the vocal apparatus as well as advice on posture, breathing and technique.


I have experience in providing treatment for a wide range of performing artists from actors to acrobats, comics to circus performers. Whatever your discipline, I can provide focussed treatment and support.